Discover the Best Paddleboarding and Kayaking Locations Near Cedar City, Utah 

Whether you’re seeking a serene escape or an adventurous day on the water, Southern Utah offers a range of idyllic spots for paddleboarding and kayaking. Here’s an insider’s guide to the top seven locations to enjoy the water!  

1. Quail Creek 

Just 49 minutes away from Cedar Sports, Quail Creek is highly recommended for spring and fall, offering warm waters and scenic beauty at 3,300 ft elevation. It’s less crowded compared to other areas, providing a tranquil experience. The park charges a $10 entry fee per vehicle, and you’ll find well-maintained facilities, making it convenient for a full day out. The reservoir also hosts paddleboard yoga sessions, adding a unique twist to your water activities​ (Utah’s Best Vacation Rentals)​​ (Utah State Parks). 

2. Sand Hollow 

Located about an hour from Cedar Sports, Sand Hollow is a popular early-season destination for paddleboarding at 3,000 ft elevation. It is known for its beautiful red sandstone landscape and vibrant blue waters. However, it can get crowded during summer weekends, so consider a weekday visit. The area offers boating, fishing, and has a fully equipped boat ramp​ (Utah State Parks)​. 

3. Navajo Lake 

Navajo Lake, only 30 minutes from Cedar Sports and situated at a high elevation of 9,035 ft, is ideal for midsummer activities due to its cool waters and great views. The shores provide lots of natural kayak and paddleboard ramps, perfect for finding a place to hang out for the day. This lake is a refreshing retreat with beautiful surroundings, perfect for escaping the summer heat. 

4. Gunlock Reservoir 

An hour and a half drive from Cedar Sports leads to Gunlock Reservoir at an elevation of 3,600 ft. It is appreciated for fewer crowds and excellent conditions for paddleboarding and kayaking. The reservoir also offers fishing opportunities and a boat ramp, ensuring a peaceful and engaging day on the water​ (Utah State Parks)​. 

5. Panguitch Lake 

An hour from Cedar Sports, Panguitch Lake sits at an elevation of 8,209 ft and shines in mid-summer. This location is known not only for paddleboarding and kayaking but also for its fishing prospects. The lake’s natural beauty and quieter atmosphere make it a favored spot among visitors. 

6. Lake on the Hill 

If you’re pressed for time, Lake on the Hill is conveniently located just 10 minutes from Cedar Sports. The hill provides a beautiful view of the valley surrounding you, making for a peaceful afternoon on the water. It’s perfect throughout the summer and offers a quick, accessible getaway without the need for extensive planning. 

7. Fire Lake Park at Ivins Reservoir 

A little over an hour from Cedar Sports, Fire Lake Park at Ivins Reservoir provides a variety of water-based activities, including paddleboarding and kayaking. This fun reservoir is a great choice for those looking to try different water sports in an engaging environment. 

Each of these spots near Cedar City offers unique experiences and amenities, from cool waters and boat ramps to fishing opportunities and picturesque views, ensuring something for every water enthusiast. Before heading out, make sure to check the latest conditions and any required permits or fees to ensure a smooth adventure. For those needing equipment or looking to try something new, Cedar Sports is your go-to hub. Conveniently located, Cedar Sports provides all the necessary gear to embark on your paddling or kayaking journey. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced adventurer, stop by to gear up and get expert advice on making the most of your water activities. Happy paddling and kayaking!