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Mountain Bike Rentals

Explore our diverse selection of mountain bike rentals, carefully chosen to accommodate riders of all skill levels and terrains. Whether you're looking for a rugged bike for challenging trails or a smooth rider for leisurely paths, we have the perfect option for you. Each bike in our fleet represents the best in design and technology, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. Start planning your next adventure today and find the ideal mountain bike that meets your needs and enhances your ride! Click on any rental box below to discover more about the specific features, pricing, and availability of that bike or rental product.

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Types Of Mountain Bikes

Trail Bikes: The most common type, trail bikes strike a balance between climbing efficiency and descending capability. They usually feature suspension travel between 120mm and 150mm, making them ideal for handling diverse terrains from steep ascents to technical descents.

All-Mountain/Enduro Bikes: Designed for the rigors of long descents and challenging terrains typically encountered in enduro racing. These bikes boast more robust frames and suspension systems with 140mm to 170mm of travel, emphasizing durability and control at high speeds on rough descents.

Cedar City's Premier Mountain Bike Trails

Explore some of the most exhilarating mountain bike trails near Cedar City and Brian Head, each offering unique challenges and breathtaking scenery. From the thrilling descents of the Iron Trails Sampler to the iconic vistas along Thunder Mountain Ride, these routes cater to varying levels of skill and adventure. Whether you seek the technical demands of the Boneyard Loop or the flowing descents of Boulder Dash to Lava Flow, each trail promises an unforgettable riding experience. Dive into the summaries below to choose your next biking adventure.

Brian Head Odyssey

Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: 47 miles

The Brian Head Odyssey is a challenging mountain biking route that spans nearly 50 miles through the stunning landscapes near Brian Head, Utah. Featuring a mix of flowy descents and strenuous climbs, this high-altitude ride offers beautiful scenic views and an exhilarating experience for avid mountain bikers. The trail reaches a maximum elevation of 11,058 feet, making it a test of endurance and skill in a breathtaking mountain setting.

C Trail into Southview

Difficulty: Intermediate/Difficult
Length: 4.4 miles

The C Trail into Southview is a thrilling mountain bike route characterized by a dynamic singletrack descent. Starting from the "C" parking lot on Cedar Mountain, this trail features a series of switchbacks that wind through a grove of aspens, making it a visually appealing yet challenging ride. The trail includes steep climbs and tricky rock maneuvers, culminating in a fun downhill section towards the end. This route is particularly known for its great views of Cedar City, making it a rewarding experience for those who tackle its challenges.

Boneyard Loop

Difficulty: Expert
Length: 7 miles

The Boneyard Loop is a popular expert-level mountain biking route near Cedar City, Utah, encompassing a total of 7 miles. This challenging route includes a combination of four trails, ascending to a maximum elevation of 7,015 feet. Cyclists will experience a variety of terrains that climb a total of 1,031 feet before descending. This loop is best suited for experienced riders looking for an adventurous and demanding ride through scenic landscapes.

Difficulty: Intermediate/Difficult
Length: 1.8 miles

The "Boulder Dash to Lava Flow" route offers a thrilling mountain biking experience with a perfect blend of technical and flow sections, making it suitable for intermediate to advanced riders. This 1.8-mile trail features high berms, multiple jumps, and optional lines that challenge and excite. The route starts steeply, incorporating both natural and built features that provide a diverse riding landscape, demanding skill and offering exhilaration through Cedar City’s scenic terrain.

Thunder Mountain Ride

Difficulty: Intermediate/Difficult
Length: 7.9 miles

The Thunder Mountain Ride is a stunning and challenging mountain bike route located near Panguitch, Utah. Spanning 7.9 miles, this trail offers breathtaking views and a diverse array of terrains that include smooth hardpack and sections of loose, steep switchbacks. The trail's proximity to Bryce Canyon National Park in the Red Canyon area of Dixie National Forest ensures a visually spectacular ride. This route is perfect for intermediate to advanced riders seeking a thrilling ride amidst some of Utah's most iconic landscapes.

Iron Trails Sampler

Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: 15.4 miles

The Iron Trails Sampler is a comprehensive route through the Southview trail system near Cedar City, Utah. This 15.4-mile route challenges riders with its steep climbs and technical descents, showcasing a variety of terrain including well-built singletracks and rugged double black trails. It features significant elevation changes, with riders experiencing both thrilling drops and scenic ridgelines, making it suitable for those seeking a dynamic and adventurous ride.

Biking Rental FAQ

Bike rentals are available for pick-up anytime between 9:30 am and 6:00 pm. Each bike is rented in 24-hour increments. For instance, if you pick up your bike at 2:00 pm on a Thursday and rent it for one day, the bike would be due back at 2:00 pm on Friday.